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Underground Railroad

This is an excellent opportunity to change young people's perspectives on education and life.  It is also a chance to build a text lineage of being empowered, and to learn our history.  Our goal is that through this work, they will become critical thinkers and positive active participants in our communities and in the world.

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Thank you Portland Community. It was a great event. Stay Tune for Part II, Feb 27th @Head Quarters Barbershop on 18th and Killingsworth
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The Journey to Freedom Project is a proven tool that makes a difference in students lives.

100% of students who went through the JTF curriculum improved their Oregon State reading test (Oaks) scores. 85% of our students went from NOT PASSING the Oregon State reading oaks test passing TO PASSING. 100% of our students increased their time in reading and have a more positive perspective towards education, based on attitudinal surveys.


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